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Iamgold Corporation (formerly Iamgold International African Mining Gold Corporation) is a Canadian company that owns and operates gold mines in Burkina Faso, Suriname, and Canada. Headquartered in Toronto, the company was founded in 1990 and went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1996 with additional shares being listed on the New York Stock Exchange beginning in 2005.

Iamgold lacks leadership as an employer, there are limited growth opportunities, no formal professional development, and lacks innovation, according to a review by a former employee at glassdoor.com

"Limited growth opportunities and no formal professional development program. Limited ability/appetite for innovation. Very slow decision-making and indecisiveness starting from the top permeates throughout."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company tries to keep all options open instead of using their cash to build long term shareholder value. Company needs to decide on a plan forward and execute."

Current Employee - Associate says

"Bad in some situations like personal information."

Former Employee - Laboratory Technician says

"Treat contractors better. A lot of discrimination at some Department. Bad quality management. You never receiver the Certificate of a training"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Limited growth opportunities and no formal professional development program Limited ability/appetite for innovation, Very slow decision-making and indecisiveness starting from the top, permeates throughout Slow pace of change is not appropriate given the small size of the organization Difficult assets are challenging to deal with, in difficult jurisdictions"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Long term management that have taken roots and hurts the structure"

Superintendent Infrastructure and Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Most days were enjoyable. How to understand the different mine sets of your workers. Willing to help with different daily duties. Most workers did there work well. Trying to keep everone happy.Having a happy team at the end of the day and no Injurys.There was allways great food.There were always long days. That is the roll that i had chosen and was still all good."

Technicien en Maintenance mécanique (Current Employee) says

"j'ai appris a travailler avec des equipements de haute qualitesrepas gratuit et climent favorablmauvaise gestion"